Sight for Surrey is fully committed to supporting people in Surrey who are blind, partially sighted, Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing, especially during these different times where the wearing of a face mask is mandatory in enclosed public spaces.

For people who are Deaf or with a hearing loss and who use lip reading, wearing a face mask can have devastating consequences leaving them unable to understand and communicate with people around them leading to feelings of isolation.

Sight for Surrey has designed a series of exemption cards that give an explanation of why individuals are not wearing face masks that can be printed off and worn or displayed.

Bob Hughes, Chief Executive of Sight for Surrey said, “we have read stories and seen footage of Deaf people being abused by members of the public for not wearing face masks. We want to protect all the Deaf and hard of hearing people in Surrey from this abuse and hope these exemption cards will relieve the anxiety and pressure for Deaf people when out in the community during these times and prevent confrontations.”

The passes are available below to download below:

A5 Exemption Pass

A5 Lipreader Pass

Passes self print artwork – Exempt

Passes self print artwork – Lipreader

Passes-cards advert sheet

If you require help please contact our Deaf Services Team through one of the methods below:



SMS: 07860 026 269

Sight for Surrey is a charity that supports people who are blind, vision impaired, Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.