Eye Clinic Liaison

Eye Clinic Liaison Officers

Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officers’ (ECLOs) primary role is to assist those who have been identified with a vision impairment by the Hospital Eye Clinic. We help them to access the range of services offered by Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey and other organisations.

While the eye clinics offer excellent clinical care, Sight for Surrey offers further emotional, social and practical support. This is often especially important for those who have recently been diagnosed with sight loss.


Currently, our team of ECLOs are present at the following hospitals:

  • Ashford & St. Peters
  • Royal Surrey (RSCH)
  • Frimley Park
  • East Surrey (SASH)
  • Epsom

Another aspect of the role is to make ophthalmic consultants and nurses within the eye clinics aware of the benefits of referring clients to us and partner organisations.

In addition, a greater awareness of our services significantly enhances the lives of those living with visual impairment. We can ensure that support is delivered where and when it is needed most; but, only if people know about us first!

To learn more please contact our Helpdesk on 01372 377 701 or email them at helpdesk@sightforsurrey.org.uk.

Hospital Passports

We have produced a ‘Passport’ for patients who may need to stay in hospital, which is a guide that should help staff better understand your needs.

One of the most important parts of the passport is one which allows the patient to shade the area on a diagram where they are having the most difficulty seeing. If you require further help with this, please contact a member of our Eye Clinic Liaison Team, tel: 01372 377701 or email: helpdesk@sightforsurrey.org.uk

You can download our Hospital Passport 2021 PDF