Vision impairment

Sensory Services by Sight for Surrey (formerly Surrey Association for Visual Impairment) is the largest charity in Surrey working with people who have or who are experiencing sight loss. The charity has provided support to the blind and partially sighted community since 1922.

We provide a wide range of services to vision impaired people and their carers in order to meet a variety of needs. We understand that every vision impairment is different. So, we are passionate about delivering the services you need.

Below are the services we offer to support people who are blind or partially sighted.

Image shows a man walking with a white cane along a pavement a member of staff from the charity walks behind him looking over his shoulder, they are next to a road with double yellow lines running into the background
Sighted Guided Training across a zebra crossing
Assessment and Rehabilitation
Image shows a lady at the gym on an exercise bike. Standing next to her is a member of staff from the charity, she is writing in a notebook.
VI Support Worker
Eye Clinic Liaison Officers
Registration as Vision Impaired (Adults)
Technology and Equipment