Sight for Surrey has recently launched our very own YouTube channel devoted to showcasing the work we do with service users, our events and exciting projects, with the hope of raising awareness of our work and the importance of fundraising in maintaining our projects.

We are always looking at ways to share good practice, so if you would like to be involved in one of our videos by sharing a success story, please do get in touch – our communications team would love to hear from you!  Email or tel: 01372 377701.

Lou Devine, Marketing and Communications Manager for Sight for Surrey, said, “Since our rebrand earlier this year, we have dedicated time to improving our social media presence both on Facebook and Twitter.

The aim of our YouTube channel is to enhance our digital presence even further and hopefully allow our news to reach a wider audience in an engaging way.”

The marketing and communications team will strive to provide updates with a new video at least once a month.

If you wish to view the videos and subscribe to the channel, the URL is