Let's Talk Tech; Talking BooksOur next instalment of Let’s Talk Tech is on the topic of VoiceOver screen reader on the Apple iPhone and iPad and is taking place on Wednesday 23 February, between 11:00am and 12:30pm on Zoom.

In this webinar, Gary Eady, our Technology Trainer, will discuss and demonstrate the VoiceOver screen reader, which is built-in to all Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). This gives a blind person access to all of the features available on the device, as well as access to hundreds of specialist apps that make the lives of people with a vision impairment much easier.

If you are struggling to use your iOS device using your vision, why not join Gary and find out how this Accessibility feature can help you.

To book a place on this webinar, please call the Sight for Surrey Helpdesk on 01372 377701.