We want to be confident that we are delivering services which are both relevant and essential to our clients and Project Voices is an opportunity for service users to help us plan and influence our strategy for the next five years.

We will collect qualitative data from recorded conversations with service users about your experience of life in Surrey by asking: what ‘helps’ and what ‘hinders’ the way you want to live your life?

We will ask questions on the themes of mobility, your home, communications, health and wellbeing and employment.

We have high aspirations for the numbers and variety of people we want to consult with. Groupings include service users, members, partners, Surrey Vision Action Group, wider related organisations and regional RNIB member forums.

Our Information Days will make up a large proportion of the consultation and we hope to offer as many interactive exercises as possible.

For the service users who are comfortable, we will be conducting more in-depth one-to-one recorded interviews. We will also offer service users the chance to get involved with answering regular questions; Communicator Guides, Reader Guides, Assessment and Rehabilitation workers, Outreach and the Getwise team will ask these questions to gather ongoing opinions.

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