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Contract secured for mobile sensory bus

Sight for Surrey and FirstPoint have won a joint contract with Surrey County Council to provide a mobile sensory bus that will provide a mobile support and advice service to people in Surrey who may have vision loss, hearing loss or combined sight and hearing loss....

Day 5 of #Deafblind Awareness Week

Hellen Keller was born today in 1888.  She was an accomplished author, political acitivitst and a lecturer. She was deafblind from the age of 19 months, caused by illness. Do you know of any other famous deafblind people?Be#deafblindaware

Day 4 of #Deafblind Awareness Week

Sight for Surrey’s trained Communicator Guides support people with combined sight and hearing loss across the county to enable these individuals to live their lives independently. At the centre of this important role is the communication support which allows...

Day 3 of #Deafblind Awareness Week

Deafblindness impacts on a person’s life in many ways.  It can effect simple daily tasks such as cooking, shopping, post and telephone communication or even attending medical appointments or meeting a friend for lunch. If you or a loved one lost their sight...

Day 2 of #Deafblind Awareness Week

Deafblind doesn’t always mean a person is completely deaf and completely blind. Did you know there are four main types of Deafblindness – born Deafblind (Congenital); born deaf with sight deterioration later in life; born blind with hearing loss later in...
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