On Sunday 16th September, eight of our vision impaired teenagers took part in what was probably our most challenging event to date!Teen on the high ropes

Along with support from Sight for Surrey staff, volunteers and some parents, the teens took on the Skywalk adventure course in Esher. This knee-trembling activity included two courses with lots of climbing and zip-wiring through the trees, barrel crawls, rickety bridges and loads more!

Course one included cargo nets, log crossing, zip-wiring, tightrope walking and a very rickety bridge. H4 teens and helpers at the skywalkaving completed one course, they had a quick break to re-energise and then decided to tackle the second course, full of wobbly stepping stones, more zip-wiring, skipping ropes, army crawling and a big spider web.

Phew! What a day. We are so proud of how far many of our young people have come whilst they have been engaging with our Young People’s Inclusion Programme at Sight for Surrey. They took to the course with such enthusiasm and confidence, whilst many of our parents and staff were biting their nails down on the ground!Teen walking across logs

At Sight for Surrey, events like these would be impossible to organise without the generous financial gifts from various trust funds, individual donors and fundraising activities. If you’d like to be part of the difference we make to vision impaired young people and their carers, you can give here: bit.ly/GiveSight4Surrey