This year, the Children and Young People’s Programme at Sight for Surrey is one of the Co-op’s local causes. This means that when Co-op members choose us, we get 1% of what they spend on their shopping. This money helps our Children and Young People’s Programme to provide a range of activities such as arts, crafts, sports, and theatre trips to ensure that children who are vision impaired have access to the same life opportunities as their sighted peers. Meeting others who experience the same challenges can reduce isolation and give a feeling of solidarity. With our help, children and young people can fully participate in the community despite their disability with confidence and independence.

With just 3 weeks to go until the funding round closes on 11 November 2017, we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to support us through the Co-op Local Community Fund.

If you are a Co-op member, please choose Sight for Surrey as your cause! Find out more about what the Co-op Local Community Fund is, and how you can choose Sight for Surrey here. If you are not yet a member, please do consider signing up and supporting us as you shop.

Click here to reach the Sight for Surrey page for the Co-op Local Community Fund.