Sight for Surrey has received a donation (grant) of £4,000 to fund a social inclusion event programme for children/young people living in Surrey who have a vision impairment or sight/hearing loss.

The donation was provided by the Santander Foundation, which offers Discovery Grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people in local communities.

The grant will help fund a range of activities such as sport, art and pre-employment advice for children and young adults. Meeting others who experience the same challenges can reduce isolation and give a feeling of solidarity. The children and young people who participate have opportunities to make friends, share experiences, gain confidence, have fun and gain a deeper understanding about the world.

Lou Devine, Marketing and Communications Manager at Sight for Surrey said: “As a charity, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations. We are extremely grateful to the Santander Foundation for this generous grant. Our social inclusion event programme helps boost young people’s esteem and socialise with others, thus reducing feelings of isolation and gives them the much-needed confidence to help them pursue their ambitions in life.”

Amy Slack, Manager at the Santander Foundation] said: “The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year to good causes throughout the UK. Our branch is committed to playing a key part in the community and we are delighted to be supporting Sight for Surrey, and hope the donation makes a real difference to local people.”

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