Schools Fundraising

By hosting a fundraising activity in aid of our charity your school will be helping people across Surrey to thrive in their communities and achieve their aspirations. 

There are so many ways your school community can get involved to raise money and awareness!  

Why not… 

  • Choose us as your school or house charity of the year. 
  • Fundraise for us on your next Christmas Jumper or Mufti Day. 
  • Hold a one-off exciting fundraising event. 
  • Donate proceeds from annual school events such as Christmas Dances, Sports Days or Summer Fetes. 

Whether dancing, drawing, or dressing-up, fundraising is a great and fun way to teach children about people who have different experiences with their sight and hearing. 

With your support together we can enable and empower people across Surrey who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, partially sighted, and deafblind. 

By supporting us your pupils won’t just be making a massive difference to the lives of many across the county, they’ll also be strengthening their school community.  

For handy tips and activity ideas to make fundraising easy and engaging for your students, download our fundraising pack or get in touch with us at 

Thank you! 

Image description: two ladies and two young men are standing outside holding collection buckets.