Registration as Vision Impaired

There are two levels of registration;

Severely Sight Impaired (SSI)/ Blind (B).

Sight impaired (SI) /partially sighted (PS).

The process of registration is completely voluntary. However, if a child qualifies for registration it is often easier for families to access services that will support their child in the years ahead, if they are registered.

To find out if a child is eligible to be registered parents should ask at their child’s next eye hospital appointment.  A GP or an Optician is able to make a referral for a person to be seen at the Eye Hospital in the first instance.

The Consultant Ophthalmologist is the only official eligible to sign the Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI).

Being registered as severely sight impaired/blind does not necessarily mean that a person is totally without sight, or that they will lose all their sight in the future it just indicates a level of difficulty.

Part One; Certification as Vision Impaired.  Certification is completed by the Health Service.

The certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) needs to be signed both by the Consultant Ophthalmologist and the child’s parent.  Following this one of the copies of the CVI will be given to the parent.  If the family are Surrey residents, another copy of this certificate will be sent to Sight for Surrey.  Sight for Surrey is contracted by Surrey County Council to complete the registrations and hold the register on Surrey County Council’s behalf. Copies of the CVI will also be sent to the child’s GP, and included on the child’s hospital record.

Part Two; Registration as Vision Impaired.  For people who are residents of Surrey Registration will be completed by Sight for Surrey.

When we at Sight for Surrey receive a copy of the CVI, we contact the child’s parents to ask permission to add their child’s name to the register.  Being registered may make it easier for parents and their children to claim benefits and access different areas of support.  Sight for Surrey will discuss the different benefits and services with parents when we contact them to complete the child’s registration.

Do contact us at Sight for Surrey if you have any questions or concerns about Registration.

The advantages of registration for children who are vision impaired in Surrey

There are a number of benefits and concessions which you may be able to claim when your child is registered as Severely Sight Impaired /Blind or Sight Impaired / Partially Sighted in Surrey. These may include:

  • Blue Disabled Car Parking Badge
  • Reduction in cost of TV licence
  • Disabled Persons Railcard
  • Bus Permit
  • Leisure concessions
  • Low Vision aids

Registration can make it easier to get children and young people’s educational needs met, for example if they need additional time during exams, having lessons and work produced in accessible format, being able to access appropriate skills training, equipment and any additional support.