Hearing Loss Support

Living with hearing loss can be a challenge and have a big impact on a person’s life. Whether it is gradual or sudden, it is a loss of an important information gathering sense. Changes in hearing can make people feel withdrawn and isolated as communication becomes more difficult. Social life and work can become challenging. Some people feel unsafe and left out of everyday life as they no longer hear sounds such as traffic, voices and music.

Hearing Loss Advisors at Sensory Services can provide information and support to assist you to manage your hearing loss. The specialist team can work with individuals, families and groups providing:

  • Information about hearing loss
  • Communication skills training
  • Equipment and technology support

There are many ways hearing loss can affect your daily life. Support from the team is available if, due to hearing loss you are:

  • Unable to participate in conversations with family and friends
  • Feeling isolated, not wanting to go out or socialise
  • Having problems having a conversation on the telephone
  • Find it hard to hear your telephone or doorbell ring
  • Have difficulties at work
  • Struggle to hear announcements on public transport or at public stations

Please contact us using one of the communication channels below:

Email: info@sensoryservices.org.uk

SMS: 07860 026269

Tel: 01372 377701

Skype: sensory.services

Hear Here

We also work in partnership with the Diocese of Guildford and the NHS on a project called Hear Here. This offers NHS audiology trained volunteers to provide community-based hearing aid maintenance.  To find your nearest drop-in, please visit Hear Here