ICT Handouts & Tutorials

Welcome to the training section of the Sight for Surrey website. Here you will find downloadable step-by-step guides and tutorials on a wide range of topics including.

  • Windows 10 Accessibility Features
  • Microsoft Office with JAWS
  • Apple iPhone with VoiceOver
  •  Android with TalkBack
  • Amazon Echo with Alexa

Apple iPhone with VoiceOver

The following 3 lessons are designed to introduce you to the VoiceOver screen reader, found on all Apple iOS devices. They provide valuable information regarding your iPhone, as well as how to navigate the various screens in conjunction with VoiceOver. By the end of these 3 lessons, you should have a good understanding of the buttons and switches found on your iPhone, how to start VoiceOver, how to navigate the various screens found on your iPhone using ‘Gestures’, how to adjust VoiceOver settings, how to type and edit text and how to close running apps. In addition, you should have a good understanding of terminology used in the world of Smart Phones!

It is recommended that you work through the lessons, in the order they are presented, in order to maximise your learning! Good luck and enjoy!

Note: These lessons have been designed for devices which have a Home Button. For reference, these devices are the iPhone 6s, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, SE and SE2.